Construction Party!


My little guy recently turned two, can you believe it? Seems like just yesterday that I was complaining to you all about the dents my prego belly would put in my cakes as I decorated them! Linkoln is your typical little boy - obsessed with trucks, tools, things that go "vroom" and "rawr"... pretty much anything that daddy likes. So I ventured out of my pink foo foo girly cake comfort bubble and tried something new. Turns out boyish themes are a LOT of fun! Happy birthday Link, I love you so much! ~Mommy   … [Read more...]

DIY Wedding Magazine

photo 1

Have you all peeked at the latest issue of DIY Wedding Magazine yet? Bakermama is on page 19!  Big thank you to Katie Mangona of for taking such beautiful photos of my cake, and to Candace Chand for asking me to be a part of such a gorgeous magazine. You can download your own copy here:   … [Read more...]

Happy Valentines Day!


It's Valentines cookie time! These would make a great gift for your sweetheart or friend. I've got limited sets available, and they will sell quickly. Please message me your email address to reserve your set. Cookies will be shipped Wednesday  February 11th or delivered locally on Thursday February 12th. Order must be paid in full via Paypal before cookies will be shipped. Happy Valentines Day! ~Thea   … [Read more...]

Festival of Lights Collaboration

I was so thrilled and honored to be a part of the Festival of Lights cake collaboration! 37 amazingly talented cake artists from around the world, all from different countries and regions with different backgrounds, religions and ethnicities. You can see all the creations for this celebration at … [Read more...]

bakermama has moved!!!

I've traded the gorgeous mountains and winter coats  of Alaska for sunshine and sweat tea in northern Texas! We loved our time in Alaska, it will be missed. However: Target and Hobby Lobby are just down the street from me now, rather than a hour long flight away. Texas wins :) ~Thea … [Read more...]

BRIDES Magazine

Such an honor to be chosen by BRIDES Magazine as one of their "100 Best Cake Designers In Every State" picks in the August/September 2013 issue! THANK YOU BRIDES!!! ~Thea … [Read more...]

John & Pamela

  I was going to write a newsy blog post telling you all how much I enjoyed making this cake, how sweet the bride & her friends were to work with in the planning process, all the usual "cakey talk" ~ but then had the honor of having this cake featured by the  brilliant Carrie Sellman of Half Baked! So I'll simply let her eloquent words fill you in on the details of this cake here. Enjoy! ~thea   Photos by Sylwia Ok Photography … [Read more...]

Rainbows & Unicorns

A few months ago I had the pleasure of working with my dear friend and party planner extraordinaire Erica, on her sweet daughter Olivia's 9th birthday party. Erica owns Ton of Fun, the local party supply store here in Kodiak. She is always full of great ideas and so much fun to plan with, since she thinks party 24/7! Olivia loves all things unicorn, so throwing rainbows and unicorns together was an easy choice. For the cake, I simply painted a rainbow with food coloring and cut out horse silhouettes from black fondant. Using candy sprinkles for their unicorn horns was Erica's idea, which I thought was brilliant! Tiny buckets filled with Skittles held the rainbow cake push pops and hand made baked meringue "lollipops". I used printables with Olivia's name and age from Swanky Press on the push pops. Swanky Press is my favorite source for unique invitations and party printables. Now I don't feel that a good dessert table is complete without cake pops - but since there were obviously enough cakey treats on the table, I swapped cake pops for marshmallow pops. I dipped marshmallows in white chocolate, then rolled them in candy sprinkles. By the time I was finished with the marshmallow pops, I was a bit dizzy from staring at the brightly colored sprinkles for so long :) Happy 9th Birthday Olivia! ~thea   Photos by Sylwia Ok Photography Party styling by Ton of Fun Paper Printables by Swanky Press … [Read more...]

Ayla’s 1st birthday

I've been dreaming of one day celebrating my children's birthdays for as long as I can remember. One of the reasons I started 'caking' was because my goal was to be a June Cleaver Supermom, and hoped to some day make them the ultimate birthday cakes! There fore I was crazy excited for Ayla's first birthday. I spent countless hours carefully planning and designing the perfect cake, perfect day and perfect party to celebrate it. Because I wanted to document every moment of her birthday, we met up with Sylwia Ok, a very talented local photographer, to have her one year and smash cake photos taken. Sylwia put so much attention and details into creating the backdrop set to match the theme of Ayla's birthday just perfectly, with pom poms, garlands, the works ~ she's incredible. I love working with her! I made Ayla's smash cake a 6" vanilla cake filled and covered with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. She wasted no time going after the fondant elephant topper, immediately devouring his ear. Poor little guy! I had to save him from her death grip for fear she would never actually get to eating the frosting. Once her attentions finally turned to the cake, she was much more lady-like than I expected her to be ~ the little girl who manages to get applesauce and cracker crumbs into her hair, ears and nose (everywhere it seems but her mouth), politely dipped one finger in the frosting at a time. But politeness with cake didn't last long ~ within a few minutes, she was into the cake with both hands AND feet. She definitely shares her mommy and daddy's sweet tooth. From there, it was straight home and into the tub. Some hard core play to burn off the sugar high. Then tucked the very tired birthday girl into bed, clutching tightly to her favorite Elmo doll. Photos and details of her first birthday party to come soon. Stay tuned :) Happy 1st birthday Ayla! ~supermama   Much thanks to~ Sylwia Ok Photography for taking such wonderful photos, Bownanas for creating such a darling custom outfit. … [Read more...]

40th birthday cake

© 2012 Sylwia Ok Photography

I recently had the pleasure of making a cake for Sylwia Ok, a fellow Coastie wife and local photographer. I quickly learned there are huge perks to making a cake for a professional photographer ~ she took photos of the cake in her studio, I was so thrilled! I'll have other photos I'm excited to share with you soon, I had her shoot my daughter's 1st birthday cake and dessert table this week as well. She's such a sweetheart to work with, and incredibly talented. She says she specializes in family, children and pet photography, but she takes some of the most gorgeous landscape photos I've ever seen! You can view her work at or look for Sylwia Ok Photography on Facebook ~ and if you live in the Kodiak area, be sure to hit her up if you need a photo shoot! ~Thea   … [Read more...]