Ayla’s 1st birthday

I’ve been dreaming of one day celebrating my children’s birthdays for as long as I can remember. One of the reasons I started ‘caking’ was because my goal was to be a June Cleaver Supermom, and hoped to some day make them the ultimate birthday cakes!

There fore I was crazy excited for Ayla’s first birthday. I spent countless hours carefully planning and designing the perfect cake, perfect day and perfect party to celebrate it.

Because I wanted to document every moment of her birthday, we met up with Sylwia Ok, a very talented local photographer, to have her one year and smash cake photos taken. Sylwia put so much attention and details into creating the backdrop set to match the theme of Ayla’s birthday just perfectly, with pom poms, garlands, the works ~ she’s incredible. I love working with her!

I made Ayla’s smash cake a 6″ vanilla cake filled and covered with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. She wasted no time going after the fondant elephant topper, immediately devouring his ear. Poor little guy! I had to save him from her death grip for fear she would never actually get to eating the frosting.

Once her attentions finally turned to the cake, she was much more lady-like than I expected her to be ~ the little girl who manages to get applesauce and cracker crumbs into her hair, ears and nose (everywhere it seems but her mouth), politely dipped one finger in the frosting at a time. But politeness with cake didn’t last long ~ within a few minutes, she was into the cake with both hands AND feet. She definitely shares her mommy and daddy’s sweet tooth.

From there, it was straight home and into the tub. Some hard core play to burn off the sugar high. Then tucked the very tired birthday girl into bed, clutching tightly to her favorite Elmo doll.

Photos and details of her first birthday party to come soon. Stay tuned :)

Happy 1st birthday Ayla!


Much thanks to~
Sylwia Ok Photography for taking such wonderful photos,
Bownanas for creating such a darling custom outfit.


  1. LOVE IT! Its was a perfect birthday party for her!

  2. I love the theme and colors you chose. Ayla couldn’t look prettier..

  3. I so love this theme for my little girl! I have the urge to be supermom because I didn’t celebrate birthdays and holidays as a kid so now with my on child I know Iill go overboard.

  4. Hi I am doing the same theme for my daughters 1st bday. Did you make the elephant cake topper?

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